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The purpose of eyelash extension sealant is to form a protective barrier or “seal” on the lash line that will protect against elements that break down adhesive. Oils and sweat for example. Think of the top coat nail polish your nail tech applies to protect your polish from chipping. 

How to use LBL lash sealant (lash artist):

1. After finishing a full set or refill use a disposable lash wand and push it inside of the tube being sure to get the solution onto the brush. ( never use the applicator that is with it on multiple clients.)

2. Take this lash wand and brush the sealant through the BASE/LASH LINE of your client lashes. You only want to apply it at the base where the natural lash and extension is bonded. Keep in mind that brushing sealant through the lashes entirely will cause classic lashes to stick together and volume fans to close. 

3. Let dry! When your client cleans their lashes 12-24 hours after they will wash this sealant away. It’s best to have them purchase some to reapply 3 times a week. 


How to apply (clients)

1. Using the brush applicator that comes with the sealant, drag it across your lash line where the extensions are bonded. Keep in mind that it does not require a lot. 

2. Apply after every wash once your lashes are dry.


Eyelash Sealant

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