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About LML

         LML stands for Leronica Monique Lash. This is the name I came up with for my brand when I began offering cluster lashes in 2013. Around this time I had NO idea that eyelash extensions even existed. Soon after, I found out about eyelash extensions and decided to go to beauty school. I graduated with my esthetician license in 2014 and started offering eyelash extensions full time in 2015 after being fired from my job. Being fired as a young single mom was all of the push that I needed. This was motivation to pursue my dreams that I am now living today. Fast forward 6 years, I’ve serviced over 2,000 clients, trained over 300 students, and I decided to open Indiana's first lash academy and supply store. After testing products for nearly 2.5 years, losing thousands of dollars finding the perfect products, and wasting money on poor trainings, if theres one thing we know at LML its quality. We take pride in being able to offer that quality to our customers and students. 
OUR MISSION: We are committed to helping customers and students succeed with innovation with-in our products and training. We take pride in dedicating the highest quality customer service while uplifting lash artists to reach better possibilities.
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