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Eyelash Extension Fundamentals (EEF)

2 Day/14 Course



 Our Lash Academy will set you apart as an artist. Our student success rate and our curriculum exhibits that. Our Eyelash Extension Fundamentals (EEF) Course is taught over a period of 2 days. Day 1 is 8 hours and day 2 is 6 hours. This is a total of 14 hours of training. Our courses are a balance between hands on and theory. LML students are given and taught the foundation of classic eyelash extensions in this 2 day course. Classes are very intimate even in a group setting and each students concerns are handled patiently. 



"Who is eligible for our EEF Course?"  

  • Licensed cosmetologists/estheticians/beauty school students are eligible to take our EEF course.       


"Are there payment plans available for the EEF Course?"

  • No, payment plans are not availbale for our  2 Day EEF Course.

"Do you teach classic and volume in your EEF course?"

  • No. Our 2 day EEF course is tailored to those who have never picked up a pair of eyelash extension tweezers before. In this class students learn the foundation of eyelash extensions. Classic lash application. Classic lashing is difficult, especially for those who have never performed it before. This is why we do not believe in overloading our students with information and techniques that will overwhelm them and that they will not retain after completion of the course.

​​Course Overview

  • History of eyelash extensions /What are eyelash extensions 

  • Differences between disinfection, sterilization, sanitation and when/how to apply them as a lash artist 

  • Contraindications of eyelash extensions: what makes a client unsuitable for eyelash extensions

  • Conditions: medical conditions related to eyelash extensions

  • Allergic reactions: why people have them, why some people can develop them even after having eyelash extensions previously, what to do if your client experiences it, etc

  • Irritation: why red eyes are never normal, factors that cause clients eyes to become red, how to handle irritation 

  • Patch testing 

  • Adhesive 101: storing adhesive, disposing of adhesive, humidity/temperature, etc

  • Lash types: differences between faux mink, real mink, silk, and flat lashes

  • Diameters, lengths, and curls: What clients can safely wear, damaged natural lashes, natural lash health, how improper lengths and diameters can damage natural lashes

  • Hair and lash growth: the shedding process, the proper eyelash extension shed, why fills are needed, etc

  • Retention: what can cause retention issues, giving your clients long lasting extensions to keep them returning, correcting retention issues, etc

  • Cleaning/Priming: how oily skin interferes with eyelash extensions, why we cleanse, why we prime, etc

  • Taping techniques: using different tapes for different reasons

  • LASH HACKS: lashing layers, lashing tips, etc

  • Taping down Bottom lashes/placing gel pad correctly

  • Holding your tweezers

  • Picking up the correct amount of adhesive 

  • Avoiding stiff lashes

  • Manual removal 

  • Picking up and placing extensions correctly 

  • Examining natural lashes

  • Consent form and waiver

  • Basic lash mapping 

  • Basic lash styling 

  • Eye shapes: how to enhance a clients eye shape

  • DOs and DONTS 

  • Setting up: different set ups 

  • Isolating a lash

  • 100% bonding    

  • Curly lashes; How to tackle them effortlessly 

  • Manipulating lash direction 

  • Keeping clients comfortable 

  • Refills

  • Removal: how to do it, different removals, different methods, etc

  • Aftercare

  • & MUCH MORE​

What EEF Students Receive


  • 20% off all products (in store and online)

  • FREE refresher courses (if necessary)

  • 30+ page manual written by Leronica

  • Unlimited look and learn sit-ins 

  • A full kit (valued at $300) with everything required to begin lashing

  • Certificate of completion 

  • After Class follow up​


Upcoming Dates



DATES: Saturday & Sunday July 29-30

HOW TO REGISTER: a $300 non-refundable deposit is required to register. This $300 deposit is included in the total cost of your class. Deposits are non transferable.


TOTAL COST: $1,000

DURATION: 14 Hours

HOW TO PLACE A DEPOSIT: Via "Pay Now" button below. 


Following your deposit will be the start of registration via email within 24 hours. For class times or any other questions please email


Effective April 2022: In order to perform eyelash extensions in the state of Indiana you MUST be a licensed cosmetologist/esthetician or be certified through a training program recognized by the Indiana Department of Health. If you are not a licensed professional we recommend enrolling into our 45 hour state recognized program to receive a legal certificate.

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